Key features & benefits

  • Suitable for Single-leg and multi-legged installations

  • Bending moment up to 80 kNm

  • Installed on a baseplate, rigid foundation

  • Upon impact, the post breaks at ground level

  • Non Energy absorbing certified according to the passive safe performance detailed in EN12767:2019 

  • Maintenance free

  • Sustainable solution: 100% recyclable, Cradle to Cradle certified on the post profiles

The size range

All Traffic Products stock all three sizes of posts at various lengths to meet our customer varied requirements. Dimensions are 168mm, 219mm and 320mm and are in stock available for quick delivery. 


All of our passively safe poles have been through a rigorous crash testing process to obtain certification. Below are examples of the crash test in both real time and slow motion. 

Crash test movie High Capacity Sign Posts real-time

Crash test movie High Capacity Sign Posts slow motion


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